J&B Industries, Inc. specializes in American Made rotary cutting equipment that will cut to length tubing up to 6.0" in diameter with various units ranging from stand-alone hand fed trim units to complete cut-to-length lines that uncoil, straighten and cut tubing to length within +/- .005" per foot. These machines can accommodate diverse material

types such as soft and hard copper, aluminum, stainless, coated and non-coated steel, titanium, PVC, and brass. Each machine we manufacture utilizes the rotary cutting method in which the tube is clamped and the round cutter blades, ranging in diameter from 1.375" - 3" rotate around and penetrate the wall of the tube and either score the tube and retract so it can be pulled apart or cut all the way through displacing, not removing material, therefore resulting in a chipless cut with a minimum burr, much less than the result of using an abrasive or cold saw; thus leaving less time to debur when required.


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